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AB-43 (proposed legislation)  / Jake's Mom   Read >>
AB-43 (proposed legislation)  / Jake's Mom

I've been following this closely.......It was originally introduced as AB-575.I have personally contacted Representative Wasserman about naming this new law after Jacob.


  • By 2030 one out of every five Americans will be over 65 years of age, and most of them will probably be licensed to drive.
  • The number of drivers older than 65 will more than double to 60 million during the next three decades as baby boomers move into retirement.

    I will keep those interested as the Bill progresses thru the system.

    There is also a new Bill being introduced that will change the existing law regarding Wisconsin Suspended drivers. The new law will make driving after suspension in our state a criminal offense.  Offenders could be charged criminally with misdemeanors or felonies. 

    Jake lost his life in an accident involving an elderly driver, and Nick Dams lost his life in an accident involving a suspended driver. 

    If these 2 new laws can spare just one life, it's worth it to all of us who live in daily suffering without our sons.

    We miss you Jake and Nick, may you both rest in peace......

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    So sorry for your loss  / Season Lechner (None)  Read >>
    So sorry for your loss  / Season Lechner (None)

    I just wanted to write and say how sorry I am for the loss of your son.  I am from Greenfield and although I am older than Jacob, I have heard of him from friends who have younger brothers and sisters.  I have also seen quite a few of the "In Memory Of Jacob Gosselin" window decals on cars.  I know all to well the pain that you are suffering, although being a Mother myself, I'm sure the pain of losing a child is different than any other loss.  I wanted to also let you know that Jacob's marker is beautiful.  I have personally seen it, since Woodlawn is the cemetery where my Dad is buried too ( he is across the road, by the white birch tree).   I never had the pleasure of meeting your son, but maybe one day we will bump into one another at Woodlawn, visiting our loved ones that we so dearly miss.  Try to take one day at a time, even though that even gets overwhelming at times.  My deepest sympathies to the entire Gosselin family. 

    Memory-of.com - Memorial website in memory of Allen Murray (1954-2005)

    Prayer for the Sick  / K.   Read >>
    Prayer for the Sick  / K.

    Lord Jesus, Who went about doing good and healing all, we ask You to bless Your friends who are sick. Give them the strength in body, courage in spirit, and patience in pain. Let them recover their health, so that, restored to the Christian community, they may joyfully praise Your Name, for You live and reign forever and ever. Amen.

    Father, Your Son accepted our sufferings to teach us the virtue of patience in human illness. Hear the prayers we offer for our sick brothers and sisters. May all who suffer pain, illness or disease, realize that they are chosen to be saints, and know that they are joined to Christ in His suffering for the salvation of the world, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

    Christmas Is Over  / Melissa Smith (grieving Mom)   Read >>
    Christmas Is Over  / Melissa Smith (grieving Mom)

    Christmas is over...

    The New Year's almost here.

    The tree lights are darkened...

    I sure do miss you, dear.

    The stockings are empty,

    And so is my aching heart;

    Yet, I need to tell you

    Before the New Year's start.

    I'll always love you.

    You're always in my prayers.

    If ever you need me,

    My thoughts will be right there.

    Although there is distance

    Between us, I can smile;

    Because I can hold you

    In my heart, for just awhile.

    I realize God gave me

    This gift... I know it's true.

    The gift that He gave me

    Is all my love for you.

    I don't know the reason

    God gives and takes away.

    I just know, this season

    I turn to Him and pray.

    "Bless all my loved ones...

    The ones for whom I care.

    Keep them in safety,

    Until I can be there."

    I know that God loves me,

    And, so, He loves you too.

    And, so, in His season,

    I send my faith to you.

    "Many of us, between the start of this holy season,

    and the end, find ourselves filled with sadness,

    missing the ones who cannot be with us.

    We all have our list of bittersweet memories,

    and the hardest day is the day after all the festivities,

    when we realize how much we missed the missing.

    To them, I dedicate this poem."


    Broken Hearts  / Rob Dams (Friend)  Read >>
    Broken Hearts  / Rob Dams (Friend)

    I know this day as everyday the pain and agony the Gosselin family will feel for eternity. Take comfort knowing that Jacob sends his love to all your hearts each and everyday.
    I had the opportunity of meeting your Mother. She talks about people taking responsibility. I can't agree more. I have turned my agony to addressing legislation to do just that. Making people be responsible. I will continue this fight until it actually happens.


    To the Gosselin family and friends, may God bless you each and everyday, know that Jacob is with God and will be creating a home someday when you will all be together again someday. Only God knows when that day will come, but know you will all be together again someday.


    May God Bless you all


    Rob Dams

    Greendale Police Chief



    Merry Christmas Jakey  / Courtney Farrell (Friend)  Read >>
    Merry Christmas Jakey  / Courtney Farrell (Friend)
    Well Jake, I'm missing you like crazy, and I really wish you were here right now. But I do want to wish you a Merry Christmas babe, even though it's not the same without you here. Please keep watching down on all of us, especially your family, because this is the time when we all need it the most....... Karen: Keep holdin in there and staying strong, I know it's tough, but you have the BEST guardian angel watching over you.....Merry Christmas Close
    Christmas day  / Uncle Steve   Read >>
    Christmas day  / Uncle Steve
    Another Christmas is upon us, and it's just another day I start out with tears in my eyes. Every blink of my eyes brings one more memory of Jacob. I sure do miss that smiling face, and I hope all the Angels in Heaven are enjoying it for me. I'll miss him today at Grandma Sue's, and I'll miss the way the whole room would come to life when he would show up. I want Jake to be able to open his presents!!! 

    To everyone in my family...I just want you all to know that I love you with all my heart. We are one tight knit group, and I'm glad we are all here for each other. We have, and still are going through Hell here on Earth, but we have each other to make it through the next day. Close
    *sigh* / S.   Read >>
    *sigh* / S.
    My heart is broke and feels so tight,
    Sometimes I wish I wouldn't wake from the night.
    Just go to bed and never wake,
    And end up in Heaven with my buddy Jake. Close
    Angels / K.   Read >>
    Angels / K.
    Angels come from up above,
    to show you God's eternal love.
    They keep you safe from harm,
    they surround you with their loving arms.

    Just listen with an open ear,
    and they will calm your every fear.
    Have you ever thought you heard,
    an angel's soft and gentle word? Close
    At your Time of sweet sorrow......  / Mary Bueno   Read >>
    At your Time of sweet sorrow......  / Mary Bueno

    Well as the holiday soon arrive I know it is not a happy time at the Gosselin Family home. Just know that are thoughts and prayers are with your family today and always.As I read your last message Karen I felt for you and truly do understand to some extent what you are going through.I have never lost a child but have lost someone that was as important and loved as your son was and still is.Time does heal but it never erases. As you know my Mother has been gone now for 12yrs and there isn't a day that goes by that I do not think of her. But it does get bearable to continue to live. I hope you too will get that feeling at some point in time.Please tell Perry and Becca that we are thinking of them also and wish them comfort in this time of such sorrow.
    Jake I know that you can hear me and wish that you do your magic and shine that bright smile down on your family at this time of need.
    God Bless you all and I love and miss you Jake Rest in Peace

    Holidays fast approaching  / Uncle Steve   Read >>
    Holidays fast approaching  / Uncle Steve
    Holidays have never been one of my strong suits...and this year will definitly be no exception. Along with the pain of losing Jacob, our family has had to endure many heartbreaks. All I can say is 2005 has got to be one of the worst years ever, and I'll sure be glad when it's over. I just wish all this heartache and pain could go along with it. I've been told many times that "time heals all wounds"...I'm just waiting for that time to come.

    *looking up to Heaven*  Rest in Peace Jacob...and please watch over us. Close
    hey its starting all over..  / Jessi   Read >>
    hey its starting all over..  / Jessi
    okay so its starting all over with me and S. but this time its different cuz i don't have you here to tell me not to fight her or tell me to just let it go... I miss you so much lately jake.... i could really use your guidance. I love you jake please watch over us. Close
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